Frank Schwaiger opens at Bruno David Gallery

Bruno David presents SIGNALS, an exhibition opening October 29th, 2022, of recent work by Frank Schwaiger. This is the artist’s fifth solo exhibition with the gallery. In concurrence with the exhibition, Bruno David Gallery Publications will publish an exhibition catalog of the artist’s work with an exhibition history and bibliography.

Signs, symbols, signals: they control the way we interpret our visual world. The influx of data we receive would overwhelm us were it not for the brain’s ability to edit and focus. Frank Schwaiger’s art is about the fun of looking and then learning by seeing. He says “Looking is a passive act: Seeing is an active act: it is focus. A signal prefigures an action. Look and then see. Allow it to move into you”.

”Frank Schwaiger’s art has been widely exhibited. He is a graduate of the Washington University in St. Louis, School of Architecture (Now the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts), and received his Master from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, where he worked with Buckminster Fuller. He lives and works in St. Louis.

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