Happy Pride Day

On Sunday, June 28, 1970, the Christopher Street Liberation Day March marked the first anniversary of the Stonewall Riots and the first-ever Pride celebration. In the 50 years years since, the LGBT community has made incredible strides in fighting for #equality throughout the world. The most iconic symbol of this continued fight is the rainbow... Continue Reading →

Carmon Colangelo published several panels of his sketchbooks in The Plague Review

Gallery artist, Carmon Colangelo published several panels of his sketchbooks in The Plague Review. The online publication was launched in the Spring 2020 by Rotland Press @rotlandpress and examines life during the global pandemic. Read more at The Plague Review         #CarmonColangelo #ThePlagueReview #RotlandPress #BrunoDavidGallery #sketchbook #globalpandemic #covid19 #ArtCollector #ArtKeepsGoing #artcollecting #kunst... Continue Reading →

Ben Brough

Bruno David Gallery is always online. Even during this time when our exhibition space is closed to the public (Open by appointment,) our online platform offers uninterrupted opportunities to explore our artists. Follow link in our bio on ARTSY  

Viewing Room: Carmon Colangelo

Carmon Colangelo’s paintings are composed of ink on canvas that are generated from hand drawings and digital media exploring the infinite possibilities of abstraction. Inspired by geometric and biomorphic abstraction, the work experiments with the endless and unique combinations that result from a personal reflexive process and computational system. Remixing, sampling and riffing off of... Continue Reading →

Viewing Room: Andréa Stanislav

Andréa Stanislav uses sculpture in concert with her collage and text constructions to tap into the utopic philosophical and cultural phenomenon of Russian Cosmism. Cosmism’s widespread reemergence is virtually unknown in the west, this early 20th- century Russian philosophy included diverse thinkers such as Nikolai Fyodorov, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, and Vladimir Vernadsky amongst others, who formed... Continue Reading →

James Austin Murray

The current exhibitions have been extended through the month of May as we continue to follow the guidance by the CDC, St. Louis County, City of Clayton and other federal and state authorities. See images of the exhibitions on ARTSY      

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