Andréa Stanislav

Mattress Factory artist-in-residence Andréa Stanislav (with Jesse Gelaznik) discusses her new installation, "Surmatants - Mars Rising" - on view through November 14, 2021. Watch interview (16 min.) on YouTube  


Group exhibition “ROUGE/RED,” with Patricia Olynyk, Andrea Stanislav, Charles Schwall, Yvette Drury Dubinsky, Gary Passanise, Buzz Spector, Charles P. Reay, William Conger, Daniel Raedeke, Carmon Colangelo, Justin Henry Miller, Frank Schwaiger, Robert Pettus. Opening Preview, March 27, 2021. More Images online at BDG @ ARTSY | WEBSITE

Chris D. Smith at Bruno David Gallery

Chris D. Smith at Bruno David Gallery. First installation photo.In the Front Room, the gallery presents an exhibition "Interaction" by Chris D. Smith. In contemporary art making, the languages of abstraction are almost inextricable from their academic and theoretical histories, but instead of simply reiterating any of these well-worn dialogues, he opts to only sample... Continue Reading →

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