Bruno David is pleased to announce that Douglass Freed has joined Bruno David Gallery


Bruno David is pleased to announce that Douglass Freed has joined the gallery’s group of artists and will be represented by Bruno David Gallery. Freed will bring to the gallery a new vision, continuing along a path of thoughtful contemporar…y art set by other artists of the gallery. We are looking forward to presenting his first exhibition at Bruno David Gallery on December 6, 2013.

The landscapes of Douglass Freed can seldom be contained to one canvas. His minimalistic and almost ambiguous images of horizons, clouds, and bodies of water pour onto adjoining spaces where their forms shift in color and light as if they have transformed into entirely different pieces, but they remain undeniably suited to one another. While his pieces vary from quiet, monochromatic works to fully orchestrated chromatic ones, in either sense, he creates places that simultaneously imply reality and a dreamlike, even spiritual, serenity that captures and holds onto the viewer’s gaze, creating an experience that few can. Through his harmonious use of blended color, texture, and structure, Freed finds the grey area between traditional landscape painting and its abstraction into color fields.

Freed has undergraduate and graduate degrees from Fort Hays State University in Hays, Kansas and is a nationally exhibiting artist with over fifty solo exhibitions, as well as an Art Curator. He has had work published in over sixty reviews and publications including New American Paintings, The New York Art Review, The New Art Examiner, Art in America, Arts Magazine, Kansas City Review, Kansas City Star, The St. Louis Tribune and the New York Times.

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