Bruno David Gallery currently showing T.M. MacLowe “Everybody is Happy” (July 5-August 31, 2013)


Bruno David Gallery is currently presenting an exhibition by T. M. MacLowe titled “Everybody Is Happy.” With MacLowe’s work, the reaction from the viewer is immediate and instinctual. The political and social commentaries on current events are direct and unapologetic, giving viewers the opportunity to assess their society and themselves within it. All the viewer has is the work before them: a larger-than-life ‘2016’ bumper sticker mirroring those from the Obama presidential campaigns and a baseball cap embroidered in gold with ‘DOW 20,000’. Together, these artworks create a space where “Everybody Is Happy.” These works show how our current society is redefining itself and is reminiscent of the works of Leon Golub, Barbara Kruger, Alfredo Jaar, Peter Kennard, Jenny Holzer and Hans Haacke.



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