Viewing Room: Thomas Sleet

Thomas Sleet continues his investigation into the structural dynamics of repeating forms and the interrelationships between resultant internal and external spaces. The evidence provided by these experiments evokes natural structure, synthetic assembly, and the possibilities of interface between. This work is inspired by methods of building found in nature; “I get inspiration from natural formations of earth, rock, and debris typically found along creeks, streams, and rivers.” The materials Sleet employs: cement, wood, ground red brick, carpet and mirror – echo the colors, textures, and surfaces of these natural topographies. See more works at ARTSY


Sleet works primarily with recycled and reclaimed materials and does so because there is a story or history inherent in these objects– like a spirit. Working with these material histories, [spirits] enables the artist to articulate concepts and principles that transcend specific composition, material bias and scale. Shape and form evoke function and includes both positive and negative form function. Meaning that the positive form can serve as vessel, shell, solid or fluid and the surface can even be permeable: Effigy, shrine, vestibule, crucible, reservoir, altar, vessel, obelisk, and portal. Thomas Sleet attended Columbus College of Art and Design and Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts, Washington University in St. Louis, where he received his B.F.A. He lives and works in Saint Louis, Missouri.



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