Patricia Olynyk is included in the group exhibition “Fossil Tales”


Patricia Olynyk is part of the group exhibition “Fossil Tales”, curated by Maddy Rosenberg, at the Haber Space / CENTRAL BOOKING in New York City. Opens February 8, 2018.

Artists in the exhibition: Desirée Alvarez, Doug Beube, Yoon Cho, Ursula Clark, Deborah Doering/Glenn Doering, Gerhild Ebel, Steven Gawoski, Shelley Haven, Liz Hubler, Frank Ippolito, Sue Karnet, Nina Kuo/Lorin Roser, Patricia Olynyk, Maddy Rosenberg, Marilyn R. Rosenberg, Barbara Rosenthal, Alan Rosner, Sarah Stengle, Kathy Strauss, Lynn Sures.


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