Forty-Seven Views of Leslie Laskey at The St. Louis International Film Festival

The Whitaker St. Louis International Film Festival (SLIFF) is presenting, as part of the Film Festival, the documentary by David Wild “Forty-Seven Views of Leslie Laskey” (2012, 46 min.) at the Brown Hall Auditorium (Washington University in St. Louis) on Saturday, November 23 at 4:30 pm. More at
“Forty Seven Views” tells the story of Leslie J. Laskey, artist, poet, and legendary teacher at Washington U. Described variously as passionate, demanding, insightful, loving, magical, playful, and above all creative, Laskey is a truly unique human being. Through a series of “views” that illustrate different facets of the artist, the film communicates his undimmed enthusiasm for life and work. “Forty-Seven Views” intimately chronicles Laskey over an 11-year period, capturing him in his everyday life of painting, cooking, walking his dog, entertaining friends, cutting and printing wood blocks, and teaching both formally and informally.

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