New Print by Thomas Sleet

We are pleased to present Thomas Sleet’s first limited edition “Ancestral Tracks, They Walked in Grace.” (2021, Print on Hahnemühle Cotton Archival Paper, 15 × 55.50 in, Ed. of 10) In 2020, the Saint Louis Art Museum included a sculpture in their permanent collection. Sleet attended Columbus College of Art and Design and Washington University... Continue Reading →

Carmon Colangelo by Phil Sanders

Gallery artist, Carmon Colangelo is featured in the newly published book “Prints and Their Makers” by Phil Sanders. The book provides a behind the scenes to witness the creative process at the world’s top printmaking workshops. Book is available at Phil Sanders Studio

Viewing Room: Carmon Colangelo

Carmon Colangelo’s paintings are composed of ink on canvas that are generated from hand drawings and digital media exploring the infinite possibilities of abstraction. Inspired by geometric and biomorphic abstraction, the work experiments with the endless and unique combinations that result from a personal reflexive process and computational system. Remixing, sampling and riffing off of... Continue Reading →

The gallery is currently showing a series of prints by Carmon Colangelo

The gallery is currently showing a series of prints by Carmon Colangelo. Read more news at is an exhibition of experimental mixed media prints by Carmon Colangelo created at Flying Horse Editions. Using the processes of relief printmaking and chine-collé, Colangelo has developed a unique vocabulary of architectonic forms and fragments, repurposing discarded laser cut... Continue Reading →

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