Patricia Olynyk

Gallery artist, Patricia Olynyk has an essay and collaborated for the publication “Art + Brain” for UCLA Art/Sci Center & Washington University in St. Louis. More at UCLA Art/Sci Center

Patricia Olynyk presents at Virtual Talk

Gallery artist, Patricia Olynyk, presents a LASER talk introducing the UCLA Medicine and Media Arts initiative (virtual). Watch today at 12:30 pm (PST) - 2:30 pm (CST) at #VirtualTalk #MedicineMediaArtInitiative #UCLA #PatriciaOlynyk #ChrisZahner #AisenCaroChacin #CarloVentura #MonicaCLoCascio #BiankaHofmann #DavidGere #HannahKlemm #DianeMullin #HermanJMilligan #Stelarc #RebeccaMessbarger #PiroskaKopar #WilliamGPowderly #ShantiAParikh

Patricia Olynyk at ECOART

Gallery Artist, Patricia Olynyk is a speaker (with Dr. Nigel Meredith, Laura Splan, Grace Grothaus) for an ECOART TECH conversation on Thursday, November 12 (ZOOM, 11am MT) to talk about her ongoing “third culture” projects. More and registration at ECOART

Patricia Olynyk

Gallery Artist, Patricia Olynyk discusses her research areas of interest and practice (with Shanti Parikh and Piroska Kopar,) on the connections that led to their collaboration on the course “Beyond Boundaries Art of Medicine.” Listen on SPOTIFY

Patricia Olynyk

Gallery Artist, Patricia Olynyk has been named the inaugural Medicine + Media Art Fellows at the UCLA Art / Sci Center. The fellowship will act as a conduit for advancing new projects and artistic research that reimagine the medicalized body, corporality, notions of embodiment, post-humanism, and the effects of our environment on our sense of... Continue Reading →

Article on the upcoming exhibitions

Terrific article on the opening of the gallery’s 15th season in STL by Bryan Hollerbach in the Ladue News. Exhibitions open Saturday, Sept. 12, Noon-6 pm @LadueNews  Read article at

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