Michael Jantzen by Ann Wimsatt

Architecture always flirts with the higher art of sculpture, but in the contemporary conversation at least, sculpture is increasingly stepping across the line to try on a little architecture, usually as a dull box, sadly. Not so Michael Jantzen's twisted pavillion of sliding palettes at Bruno David Gallery. Jantzen's slatted sculpture presents a pulsating, off-kilter world--a... Continue Reading →

SAVE THE DATE: Michael Jantzen opens June 27, 2014 at Bruno David Gallery

SAVE THE DATE: Bruno David is delighted to present a special exhibition M-velope by Michael Jantzen. The opening reception will be Friday, June 27, 2014 from 5 to 9 pm. Michael Jantzen is an internationally known artist whose work has been featured in hundreds of articles, books, magazines, and newspapers from around the world. His work... Continue Reading →

Michael Jantzen new sculpture

I had a great visit this week at Michael Jantzen' studio. "M-velope (M-house series)" is finished and will be installed at the gallery in late June. The opening reception is Friday, June 27. (photo: M-velope, 2014. Wood, paint and metal, 12 H x 12 W x 20 L feet)

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