Four artists and thinkers are showing at Bruno David Gallery

As we look for answers to our very changing world, four artists and thinkers (Bill Kohn, Buzz Spector, Jill Downen, Joan Hall), each with their own visions and perhaps with some answers are showing at Bruno David Gallery. The exhibitions are open thru October 26, 2013. The supporters, followers, friends, and most, you the visitors... Continue Reading →

More news on some of the artists of the gallery

We have more news on some of the artists of the gallery at Jill Downen, Carmon Colangelo, Yvette Drury Dubinsky, Brett Williams, Alex Couwenberg, Joan Hall, Richard Hull, Cindy Tower, Chris Kahler, Patricia Olynyk, Lisa Blatt, Kelley Johnson, Buzz Spector, Monika Weiss, Leslie Laskey and Shawn Burkard.

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