Monika Weiss and Izabella Gustowska

As part of “Sleepless in Warsaw”, A.I.R. Gallery presents a 30-min. concert, “Metamorphosis/Dafne” (9/2/22 at 6 pm ET) by gallery artist, Monika Weiss followed by a talk with Izabella Gustowska about “Women’s Art” one of the first feminist exhibitions in Poland and her film “Relative Features of Resemblance”, (1979-1980). Read more at

Monika Weiss

Save the Date: Saturday, June 20, 2021. 4 pm. Monika Weiss will be showing “KATAIGIS” at the Streamfest Spring 2021, organized by Infrequent Seams (IS)More at Infrequent Seam

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