PAMM acquires a painting by Kelley Johnson

The Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) announced that they acquire a painting by Kelley Johnson (“Untitled,” 2020) for their permanent collection. See works by Kelley Johnson on ARTSY       #KelleyJohnson #FredricSnitzerGallery #PAMM #BrunoDavidGallery #opticalvibrations #AbstractPainting #ArtConsultant #kunst #artcontemporain #artecontemporanea #artecontemporaneo #culture #ArtFollowers #DailyArt #ArtCollection #ArtAdvisor #ArtCollector

Viewing Room: Carmon Colangelo

Carmon Colangelo’s paintings are composed of ink on canvas that are generated from hand drawings and digital media exploring the infinite possibilities of abstraction. Inspired by geometric and biomorphic abstraction, the work experiments with the endless and unique combinations that result from a personal reflexive process and computational system. Remixing, sampling and riffing off of... Continue Reading →

Viewing Room: Chris Kahler

Within Chris Kahler’s densely packed compositions, luminous forms appear to morph and proliferate within pulsating matrices of paint. Upon closer inspection, details emerge within the layered surfaces, dislocating forms and complicating spatial logic in the process. Manifesting conditions of profusion and flux, Kahler’s ecstatic abstractions provide a poignant, though ebullient, analogy for our precarious times.... Continue Reading →

James Austin Murray

The current exhibitions have been extended through the month of May as we continue to follow the guidance by the CDC, St. Louis County, City of Clayton and other federal and state authorities. See images of the exhibitions on ARTSY      

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